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Access Control Solutions

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Our cost-effective and efficient cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for costly wiring and expensive software while offering robust security for your business, facilities, or secured areas.

Utilize your mobile phone, a key fob system, card access, keypads, open remotely, or any combination to create your unique total solution.

Manage access, set credentials, generate reports -- and more -- anytime, anywhere with any web-connected device.

Brivo is a powerful cloud-based access control system that has solutions for every industry.  With its easy-to-use platform, extensive integrations, and holistic physical security ecosystem, Brivo access control has all the capabilities to meet your unique needs.


Vizpin is a complete Bluetooth smartphone access control system that requires no internet connection. It's a convenient, secure, and affordable solution for virtually all industries. It even works with your existing card readers, biometrics, or keypads.

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Key Systems


Cliq Go Intelligent Keys

Intelligent key systems are a great solution for small-to-medium sized businesses. Medeco Cliq GO allows owners to manage access on the go using the Cliq GO app. It's easy to use, scalable, and affordable as no hard-wiring is needed; all the power comes from the key.

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Master Key Systems

All Cities can plan, design, and implement simple to complex master key systems for any business application.  A master key system is where selected keys can open up certain pre-defined doors, providing higher level keys access to all or a number of rooms, while restricting lower level keys to specific doors.  Master key systems balance security with convenience, helping maintain better control, save on key replacement, and brings convenience to a facility's operations.


Stand-Alone Systems

Electrified lock hardware or mechanical push-button locks which are perfect for lower security single-door units, granting access with general user codes.

Security Camera

Surveillance Cameras


Intercom Systems

Audio and/or visual systems that allow receptionists, office staff, or even tenants to control who comes in and out of the door via one-way or two-way communication. Our intercom systems are offered through our electronic security division, Panoptic Security, and seamlessly integrate with many of our access control products.

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